Welcome to Baxley

Motorcycle Chocks and Trailers, all made in the USA.

At Baxley, we’re dedicated to building the best motorcycle chocks and trailers with unmatched quality and the best customer service possible. All made in the USA.

Baxley began building motorcycle chocks and trailers made in the USA in 1997. We were the first company to manufacture a chock that supported a motorcycle as a free standing unit. Others have imitated us, but no other chocks compare in design, function, quality, and warranty. If you want to own the best chock on the market, look no further than a Baxley.
The same can be said for our amazing motorcycle trailers. No other trailer provides the safety, ease of loading, security, and beauty that a genuine Baxley trailer does.  All of our trailers have tilting beds and built-in chocks so that you can ride your motorcycle on safely and get off without worrying about it falling over. Just two straps is enough to secure your motorcycle for transport.
We are dedicated to quality with Made in USA pride.  Join the thousands of happy Baxley customers that chose quality and function over cheap. It’s our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction that makes the difference at Baxley.

The Sport Chock is the industry standard motorcycle chock for use in garages, paddocks and trailers. It is made 100% in the USA and has a lifetime warranty. If you want the best chock on the market, look no further than the Sport Chock.


The best choice for your Sport Bike.


Fully Adjustable for any tire.


Replacement Rubber Foot for your chock.


Same as the LA but with a smaller footprint.


Adapts the Sport Chock for scooters.


For narrow tires up to 19" diameter.


Scaled down Sport Chock for smaller wheels.