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Sport Chock

The one and only SPORT CHOCK is a unique, patented (#5,988,402) wheel chock designed with the sport bike enthusiast in mind. It's designed to fit a 120/70 - 17" front tire but will work with 110mm or 16" tires found on some sport bikes, and also on larger bikes like the BMW K1200LT. This is a simple, lightweight chock that will securely hold your sport bike upright by simply riding or pushing the bike into the chock. While great for transporting your bike, the Sport Chock is also great for performing Sport Chock gifmaintenance or for storing your bike securely when not in use. With its sturdy, lightweight (21 lb.) steel construction and beautiful and durable powder coat finish, the Sport Chock will provide years of dependable and good looking service. It has a small footprint and will fit conveniently anywhere and can be transported easily. For Racers this is the perfect stand to leave in the pits so you can ride in and get off your race bike. No more fumbling around for your rear stand or having someone get one for you. Once you've used it and experienced the convenience and security, you'll wonder how you got along without it.

Sport Chock $199
Order Now Online or call 888-988-8833
Shipping Flat Rate $30 (1 or 2 chocks), $60 (3 or 4)




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Sport Chock

21 lb.
2000 lb.
All heavy gauge steel construction
Design Tire Size
Acceptable Tire Range
100mm-15"  to 130mm-19"

Download the OWNERS MANUAL in .PDF

Sport Chock dimensions

Sport Chock collage The Sport Chock comes in several great colors.
Sport Chock Red The Sport Chock is designed to be the easiest to use and the strongest holding chock available. The unique and patented clamping system allows for easy entry and exit and grips the tire firmly.
Sport Chock pickup

The Sport Chock works great in your pickup or in a trailer. It is not necessary to bolt the chock down if it is positioned up against the front of the bed or trailer. Run your straps mostly downward and outward and SLIGHTLY forward - this will provide the best side to side stability and also keep the bike pulled into the chock.

It is better to have the chock bolted down but not always possible.If you can't just be sure your straps can't come unhooked from the lower hook if the truck or trailer hits a big bump. Use a little duct-tape or zip-ties to be sure the hooks are secure.

Sport Chock BMW There is no weight limit for the Sport Chock - it is designed to carry any load you can put on it - the limiting factor is the tire size. This BMW 1200LT with its 120/70-17" is a perfect match for the Sport Chock despite it's large size. Goldwings, V-rods, and any other motorcycle with a tire size close will work great with the Sport Chock.
Sport Chock rear stand It's easy to use a rear stand with the Sport Chock - just place the stand under the bike and lift! No more precarious balancing act. You can even get the rear stand set in polition and pull the bike out of the chock and onto the rear stand. Never drop your bike again!

The Bolt Down Kit

Bolt Down Kit

The bolt down kit provides quick and secure mounting in a trailer - especially where there is no easy access to the underneath of the trailer. The kit makes mounting and removing your chock quick and easy.

BUY NOW - $30

CLICK HERE for nstallation Instructions and more information!





Sport Chock Video

Dear Baxley company Team,
I got my chock right when you told me, Friday, I love it. Moving truck is picking up our goods Monday, and I know my bike is safer with your chock holding it up right. Thank you for making "made in USA" mean "The Best money can buy"  God Bless,

Hi, i just wanted to convey my appreciation for what is a "MUST HAVE"accessory for any street bike! I'm very critical about products i use when it comes to riding and must say that this is by far one of the best. The sport wheel chock is solid, well designed and reasonably priced. I also felt obligated to perform the same test i seen on youtube by trying to push the bike over and i now i have an undisputed trust in the Baxley Sport Chock. My only regret is that i didn't have one sooner. Can't wait to recommend to myfriends...Good Job Guys!Regards,Jeff
Hi Jerome....Just a quick word of THANKS for your quality product (I just bought your Sport Chock for my Buell 1125R).....AND for sharing the faith!
Amen amigo,
Greg, Denver CO
Hello,I just wanted to take a minute to let you know I am extremely impressed with the sport chock that I purchased. The powder coating is amazing quality as is the welds and overall workmanship.Although a very small thing, the travel coffee cup was a nice touch too!
Thank You,--Chad
Dear Mr. Baxley, The Sport Chock with the Scooter Adapter just arrive about an hour ago. I have already put it and the Baxley coffee cup to good use. I am so impressed with your company and your Faith that I am taking the Chock to show Greg, the owner of Urban Moto, Austin, TX from whom I bought my 2006 Vespa GT200.
I am planning of buying another Vespa and a dirt bike for my 10 year-old son. When I do, I will call your office and order the appropriate number of Chocks. If Greg decides not to inventory one or two of these in his dealership in Austin, TX I may order a couple and put them there on consignment! That's how convinced I am that these are the best, most versatile chocks I have seen. Plus they coming all the popular scooter colors to mix or match!! God Bless you, your family and your employees. Warmest regards, Glenn Heffernna
Hi, I had to contact you to thank you for building an awesome bike chock. I recently purchased two of your sport chocks to be mounted in my trailer for my BMWs. I’ve trailered my bikes a couple of times and the chocks work great. I removed one chock from the trailer the other day to temporarily place in my garage. I love how I can remove them with a couple of turns of a wrench. That floor mounting hardware is the “bomb”. Just after removing it, I was carrying it over to my Tahoe when a friend approached with an emergency. I quickly set the chock down and rode off to assist him with his emergency. Upon returning, my mind was on what had just happened and I forgot about the chock I left lying there. I jumped into my Tahoe, accelerated and heard a terrible crunching sound as the front of my Tahoe rose up. I cringed knowing I had just driven over my new Baxely chock. I looked under the Tahoe and the chock was on it’s side, wedged under the engine. I thought surely it was ruined by the weight of the big 4-wheel drive vehicle. I tried to back off it but couldn’t. I got some blocks, placed them behind the front tires and backed onto them, lifting the vehicle up enough to drag the chock out. To my amazement, the chock had only a few scratches. I couldn’t believe it! I had to write you and tell you that my incident is living proof you make a great product. These chocks not only work great and look good…..they are tougher than hell!
Dave Blair
Vero Beach
Just taking a minute to let you know my sport chock arrived today. What a outstanding product! I've always had problems with swingarm stand and the like. No more worrying if I've got spools lined up, just push and it's in there. Thanks again for a great product. Glenn in Topeka Ks.
Good Morning Jerome,
When I see a great product, it usually costs a little more. I would buy that chock again in a heartbeat. It is solid, rugged and it works! I was at the racetrack with it and I was able to just ride into it when coming off the track. It held my bike very well in the back of my truck. It makes loading the bike easier than I could have imagined. I have a few friends that I have told to go and buy their own—this one is mine!
It’s just good to know that there are still some great companies that take pride in their work and their products. Keep up the great work.
Mike Ellis
I, am wanting to thank you all for this fine product. I really didn’t want to spend the money on it when I could have got one for seventy dollars. It would not have been nothing like the one I bought from you guys. I am very impress with it. I would strongly recommend this product to anyone that owns a sport bike and takes pride in it. I felt confident that my ZX1400 was safe in my enclosed trailer all the way to Myrtle Beach with the sport chock. Awesome product, God bless you guys keep up the good work. Julius Hudson
Hey Guys, I have two sport chocks and I use them in my Astro mini van. There's no other way it would work other than a Baxley chock. Your chocks are by far the best! I have attached some photos. I'm thinking about buying two more for a 4' x 6' trailer I'm going to buy. I'll have 2 bikes in the van and 2 behind. Thanks for a great product. Paul Prettyman
Thanks for the great product. Works as advertised and the black chrome is eye candy! Saving up for a chock for the Harley. Me and my zx-14 ninja thank you…one and all. Joe Franzetti, Scottsdale, AZ
Hi, I already own a Baxley Sport Chock. I purchased it a few years ago when you were first starting out. Love it! One of the best accessories I have ever used for/on any of my bikes. I love my sport chock so much, I want to buy another one for a new bike I just purchased. Have two bikes now, so I have to have TWO sport chocks, right?
Anyway, my question is this: I am active duty USAF and would like to know if I can email you a scan (front and back) of my ID instead of faxing you one. I am currently on alert at home and can’t leave, so I don’t have access to a fax machine.
Thank you for supporting the military and God bless! Jerry Bobo
Cindy, I just wanted to tell you thanks again for your great customer service last week. I must say that from the very moment I opened the box containing my Sport Chocks I was immediately impressed. The pictures on your website do not do them justice. The finish and quality of your product is second to none. I began using mine immediately in my garage to help prepare my bike for the upcoming weekend test session, and shortly after mounted them in my trailer with the mounting kit provided. The installation was effortless, and after over 800 miles of hauling two sport bikes around with your Sport Chocks the bikes were firmly planted in the same exact spot they were loaded. My neighbors and fellow road racers also were very impressed and I believe you should be seeing more calls for these in the near future. Thanks again for not only a great product, but also great customer service!! Sincerely, Mike Federspiel
Dear Jerome, The sports chocks arrived safe and sound. I am very impressed, the quality and ease of use is exemplary. I am very pleased to have discovered your product. Kind Regards, Paul
Your sport chocks are awesome!! This is my Buell XB9SX City X and it works perfect all the time, thanks! =)
Hello Miss Smith, I received my Sport chock today and it is Awesome Thanks So Much & Hope You have a Blessed and Happy Thanksgiving, Carter
Dear Baxley family,
I just received my new sport chock today. Exceptional product and each time I use it my spine thanks you because it is saving years of wear not having to hoist this monster Honda ST 1300 up on the center stand.
I wanted you to know that while I was sold on your product based on appearance and what appeared to be a superior design, that's not what sealed the deal for me.
Before buying, I was reading the owners manual on your website. Your statement of faith is what sealed the deal for me. That alone implied a different level of character and business dealings which was confirmed by your people I dealt with on the phone. The tract included in the box is one of the better ones I have seen and is an encouragement for me to be a better witness myself. Thanks Again, James
Hello, just picked up your Sport Chock. Fantastic item, heres a few pictures, would appreciate if you could post them on your website. Thanks, Luke Slavens
Cindy, The UPS truck just delivered the Sport Chock. It is an outstanding piece of equipment. The fit, finish, rugged construction and design is fantastic. Many thanks for the quick response from my inquiry about using the unit with a rear stand lift to shipping it in such a timely manner. Regards, Phil Groff
Hi, I just got back from a pair of Track Days at Laguna Seca. As I came off the track after a session, to my dismay I saw that one of the course workers had run over my Sport Chock and it was wedged under his SUV. They had to get a floor jack to raise the truck up to get it out. I expected it to be completely destroyed, but after close inspection, the only damage was some chipped paint and one of the rubber feet was torn up. I was blown away about how the sport chock stood up to a major impact. In any event, can I order a single replacement foot rubber? Thanks, Steve F.
Just a short note of thanks,My sport chock arrived today,and it worked perfectly. On the 1000Kaw, my Bergman, also on the lightweight,Honda FT500.
--Also,thank you for the 'enclosure'. Jesus,the biker. I;m glad he is getting around,as he is a personal friend of mine also.--thanks again for a fantastic product,I'm still in Davenport.Bristow,OK.
Hello Melinda! Thank you for the email and the Sport Chock. It has arrived safely and after using the pruning shears to cut the plastic fast-ties around it in the box, now sitting in the garage. I used it all weekend. Once I got a feel for how it worked, I felt comfortable to ride the bike directly onto it.
This is a wonderful device! I am so pleased to have found your company and purchased the Sport Chock. As a woman who is learning to maintain her own bike, the sport chock has provided the stability that allows me to feel comfortable when wrenching. The ease of use also is amazing. Again, thank you. Best wishes, Janise
Just thought I would send you a photo or two of my new bike in your AWESOME SPORT CHOCK !!! Also used it to keep my bike upright in the back of my pickup truck from Chicago to Little Rock. ROCK SOLID !!!!! Feel free to use the photos in any way you like ...Enrico DeLorenzo
Melinda, Thanks for your email. I received the Sport Chock last Thursday, and put my bike on it right away. Works great! Thanks again for your top notch service and product. Dean Duvall
I have a trac pro stock chassis , vance and hines motor , best of everything and i was told the coolest piece of equipment i own is this sport chock . whats bad is that i couldnt do without it . several of my race buddy's here in abilene have purchased one also . what a great product . i need another one so i will be calling you soon . you should put some of these on ebay . mark belitz , abilene , tx
Dear Mr. Baxley, I was introduced to your ingenious Sport Chock when I recently purchased a BMW bike from a man who had one. I marveled at the sturdy construction, ease of use and functionality of it. Imagine my delight when I placed an on-line order to your company for one two days ago and the UPS man delivered it today. It was expertly packed, the invoice and instructions are great and it looks like a fine piece of sculpture, I'm almost afraid to dirty it up with my bike! I was delighted to see your product pictured with a BMW K1200LT because that is the bike I have that will see regular use of the Sport Chock.
In this day and age, almost everything we buy has an annoying "Made in some other country" label. I am delighted to see a superb product made right here, that gives me faith there are still outstanding companies in America. Incidentally, I used to work for Hedstrom Company in Bedford, Pennsylvania. Their headquarters are in Dothan, Alabama like your fine company! Keep up the good work and I will heartily recommend your wonderful products to my many motorcycle riding friends.
Hello, folks. I got my Sport Chock from MPH a few months ago. I hardly ever use the side stand at home anymore. I used the chock in my pickup a while back. It helped me rest easy knowing the bike was secured. It's a great product. Wish I had one everywhere I parked my LeMans. Nice message inside the packet, also. Thanks, and God Bless. Patrick Beaman in Katy, TX.
I just purchased one of your Sport Chocks from NPR Ducati in Watkinsville, GA. I wanted to thank you for making such an innovative and useful accessory. I mounted it to my maintenance lift and I can now put the bike (a BMW R1150R) on the lift without assistance. What a relief!
I bought my sports chock Friday and left on a 1400 mile trip the following day. The sports chock performed fantastically over the LA freeway undulations in the road and on corners but the chock held the bike as advertised. I can easily load my 590lb bike on the truck myself, get off and tie it down in a matter of minutes. My wife loved the fact she's a spectator in all this. I especially loved the Christian materials you provided in the package. I was so impressed I showed several people at church including the leader of Black Sheep MC. He loved it of course. Thanks for being a open witness. Roger
Dear Baxley, I received my Baxley Sport Chock today, and as promised, I'm sending pics. What a fine piece of fabricated metal...!! The worries of trailering my motorcycle are gone and I have a new stand to use in the pits. Thank you again for your outstanding service and product. David, Slatington, PA
Melinda, I rcv'd the sport chock & bolt down kits today. They are top quality as expected. Thanks for such a great product. May the Lord bless your business in many ways. Thanks, Payton
Hi Melinda! What a great product!! It arrived Friday as promised and I picked up my new Moto Guzzi Griso on Saturday - perfect timing. I wanted to send you some photos of the Sport Chock in action. I don't normally park in the driveway like this but I wanted to get some good shots "outside". As you can see I have two bikes - a 98 Kawasaki Concours and the new 07 Moto Guzzi Griso. To make them both fit in the garage I really needed the Sport Chock to help save space. It works great. Thanks again
Received my Sport Chock yesterday and I wanted to leave, what turns out to be, yet another complimentary email. Liked how it was packed and am very pleased with the build quality. Nice even welds, pieces fit & move smoothly and like the wrinkle finish. And, it works like a dream. A well thought out piece of equipment. It just takes a couple tries to find the exact amount of momentum needed to get the front wheel over the pivot point and you're in. Stands straight and steady doesn't move around. I like that it was designed for certain wheel and tire sizes not made to fit every combination, which usually means none fit that well. I'm looking forward to using it when loading my bike in the back of a pickup, that's when the extra help really counts. This was the missing link in the process. And just for the record, I looked online for hours at nearly every chock made and checked local bike shops and what they carried. I even talked with Chip, at Baxley. I did enough research for a degree, but I did end up with a great chock. Worth the effort. My Monster is in the garage, carefully tucked in between cars and I finally don't worry about bumping into it and knocking it over. Yet another good reason to have the SC. So, good job guys! Well done. Your website also offered many very helpful and convincing pics and clips - a picture is worth a thousand words.Sincerely, Ken Barre, Connecticut
To the folks at Baxley, Got my Sport Chock about a month ago and immediately emailed on how pleased I was with it. Well, I just want to add that it is one of the best and most useful pieces of equipment I have for my motorcycle. I need to get all the space out of my garage and the chock lets me get my bike securely and efficiently in place every time. No wasted space or time. Thanks. Nice to find such a good home grown product. Sincerely, Ken Barre, Connecticutt
My sport chock came today as promised. Thank you all for the prompt and professional service. You have a very good product. Bill Morgan
My Sport Chock arrived yesterday evening. I am very impressed with the overall fit and finish . . . and it works like a champ! Thanks.
Love my Sport Chock. What an excellent design. WOW! Thanks again, Michael Ferrand Chanhassen, MN
Hello,I just received my sport chock yesterday and wanted to tell you how nice this unit is! Excellent construction, GREAT PACKAGING, it was a pleasure doing business with you!!! Regards, Jim Anderson
Hi Guys!
Just wanted to let you know how happy I am with you Sport Chock. I have used it on several occasions recently and it has performed flawlessly both in a trailer and a in the back of my truck. I road race an SV650S Suzuki that I have named Matilda (since we go waltzing) and I'm also a staff member of TrackDaz a track day organization here in Southern California where we provide track time a several race tracks in our area (Willow Springs, Streets of Willow, and Buttonwillow). This past Friday night helped me discover another advantage or benefit to owning your Sport Chock. My son and his wife were trailering his race bike and equipment to Buttonwillow (about 2 hours north of LA). My fiancé and I were following in our truck with Matilda in back in the Sport Chock (and tied down). We all stopped at a fast-food joint and went inside to eat. I stupidly left my truck on the side of my son's truck where it was completely out of our view. After eating we sauntered out to the parking lot where I discovered the following missing things: Pit Bull rear stand; folding loading ramp, suitcase full of clothes and such. Also, Matilda was on her side, frontwheel still in the Sport Chock. Apparently, the thieves had tried to get the bike out (all the tie-downs were unhooked) but couldn't figure how to get Matilda out of the Sport Chock (the latch was holding) so they pushed her over to try to drag her out of the truck. I think the Sport Chock made that difficult, so they gave up and left. My toolbox saved Matilda from damage but, for sure, your Sport Chock was the prize possession that evening. What a clever idea and adding the latch helped further!Thanks for such a great American-made product! Sincerely, Charlie Coyner
Hello, I just wanted to send your company an e-mail about how impressed I am with the function and quality of your sport chock. It is rare these days to see a product so well thought out. Even the packaging for shipment was some of the best I've seen in years, and I wouldn't exactly call the item fragile. I purchased the sport chock from PiratesLair in N.C. and received first class service. Thanks for doing things the right way, Bruce Nelson
I received today the sport chock ordered earlier this week for my BMW K1200RS. My jaw dropped when I pulled it out of the box, and it dropped even further when I had ridden my bike onto it and verified what it would do. Fit, finish, and function are absolutely terrrific! Thank you. Gary Carr St. Louis, MO
Hey Cindy, Got my Baxley Sport Chock today and it looks great and works great. Many thanks to all the folks at Baxley for producing a great piece of gear for my new BMW K1200S. Thanks again, Bob Baker
It's rare when I feel compelled to write a manufacturer about their product especially one that I don't own(yet!!) I just wanted to take the time to email you guys about your fantastic product. Back in October, I bought a motorcycle and had to go to North Carolina to pick it up, I live in Atlanta. I almost passed on it because of the lengthy drive and the fear that with such a long tow that I would inevitably lay it over on the way back. I have trailered many bikes in the past and have yet to not have a close call with any of them. Tie downs loosing up, the bike shifting and the dreaded view in the rearview mirror and no bike!!! So, after talking to a friend about the trip he offered to let me use his Sports Chock and after much apprehesion I took him up on it. I usually stop about a every hundred miles to re-tight and re-manuever the bike and to my surprise after 563 miles I did not have to touch a single tie-down. What an amazing product. I have recommend this thing to any and everyone who would listen! I love it and plan on purchasing one very soon.Thank You Eric Dowell
Hello, My name is John and I just received my Sport Chock on 1/18/04. WOW, what can I say. I was amazed at the quality and the color ( Honda red ). I thought that I would have to put it together and was surprise that I didn't. The way that it was packed in the extra heavy carton was also a surprise as was the amount of the packing material in the box. ( top notch ). I took it out of the box, went to the garage, put it on the floor, and rolled my RC - 51 right up. Couldn't be happier. I will try to send a picture. Thank You. John C.
I just want to thank you for a great product. The build quality and workmanship are superb, and the materials used are top drawer quality. The Sport Chock makes loading my VFR into my truck safe and easy. I have recommended your product to all my riding friends. Thank you and may God bless you and your family.
John Akin, Georgetown, Ky.
Dear Baxley Trailer Co.,
A week ago, I traveled from Austin, TX to attend my first AMA Motorcycle Show at the Atlanta Cobb Galleria this past Saturday. I came across your set-up at the show and had to come over and see for myself. I have seen your ads in the American Motorcyclist magazine and on your website but never up close. I was hesitant to believe that a small thing could keep an expensive sportbike stable until you tipped one over parked on your Sport Chock. I looked in shock and fear that it would tip over, but it didn't. The bike was much bigger than mine and if that could support your bike, then it should be no problem with mine. You've convinced me!
I ordered a Sport Chock from you on that day and received it four days later. As you did to your bike in the show, my Buell XB9S Lightning stayed firmly in its Sport Chock after being tipped over just a tad. Now, I can work on my bike without fear of it falling over.
Thanks for making me into a believer.
P. Campos
PS: Thanks for the Words of Wisdom, too, from the Gideons.
Dear Mr. Baxley
I am writing to thank you and your staff for making such a fine product. I will be proud to trust my bike to your Sport Chock. I am delighted with it so far (just took it out of the box), & I just had to tell you so. Your dedication to quality (customer service, shipping, design, & ease of doing business) made my day.
Thanks again & best wishes
Ken Vail
Bethlehem PA
I love your product. It truly stands for quality. I would be happy for you to host my pics on your site. Since I noticed that you do not have any Hayabusas it will make a great addition. I got your info from the people at They like your product.
Jose Rendon Anniston, AL
I recently purchased a Baxley sport chock at Moto-Britalia in Alpharetta, GA. I mounted it on a utility trailer (with a small bit of improvisation to make a mount for the center bolting point) for use with my 2003 CBR600RR. What a joy it is to be able to hitch, load, strap and go in under 10 minutes.
The Sport Chock is a marvelous invention. Thanks!
--Dave Graff Kennesaw, GA
I just want to thank you for a great product. The build quality and workmanship
are superb, and the materials used are top drawer quality. The Sport Chock makes loading my VFR into my truck safe and easy. I have recommended your product to all my riding friends. Thank you and may God bless you and your family.
John Akin Georgetown, Ky.
Hello, I just wanted to tell you that my Sport Chock is pretty close to being the "best thing since slice bred" of motorcycle accessories! I can drive my track bike right into my trailer... and 2 minutes (1 bolt!) later put the chock in my garage and park it without fumbling with the balancing of the bike while putting on the rear stand. I've been using it around the local tracks raising a lot of eyebrows... in a world where lots of products are sub-standard yours truly shine. Congratulations. Francois Koutchouk
Received my Sport Chock, and it is as easy and stable as advertised.

Now I am sending this picture to my other 100 club members. This is perfect for the lady riders too. They often say they are not comfortable using bike stands because of the way you have to set the bike to get the stand under.

Thanks for a great product.

It is a rare pleasure that I can write to a company and actually praise them for manufacturing a product. I resently bought your Sport Chock to use with my R-1 and could not be more pleased with quality of material, workmanship, finish and ease of use.
Thanks for amnufacturing a product you can be proud of and I can be proud to own.
Wiley Conder
I love my Sport Chock! Thanks for making a great product. No more garage tip-overs!
Carl Ferguson, Jr.
The chock I ordered just arrived this evening, WOW am I impressed. It's the basic black, but it is beautiful and I love it already. The locking tab mechanism (to me) the absolute best feature. I ride a CBR600F4i with a tail cowl, so I no longer have a grab strap, and always had to get a friend to hold the bike while I put it on the rear wheel stand for maintenance. Not any longer, yee-ha. Also, I no longer have to worry about my gangly 15 year old son knocking my bike over when he sneaks a sit on my ride. Thanks for such a well built (and thought out) product. Please understand that I NEVER have written a positive email about anything, usually it's what I call hate mail, about bad service/customer service or shoddy workmanship. I will be recommending this to every sport bike rider I know or will meet. Thanks again.

Mark Thom

I received the two units las week and they worked out super. They were a hit at the races here in Seattle over the week end. You guys make a great product.
Don Blair

I just received my sport chock yesterday and used it immediately to store my Yamaha R1 sportbike. Have to say this a very clever design.


David Marin


Just wanted to tell you how happy I am with my Sport Chock! It is everything you said it would be and more! It has to be the best motorcycle related purchase I have made in years! I am able to use my Pit Bull rear stand without help without any fear of dropping my sportbike. The craftsmanship of the chock itself is superior and unimaginably easy to use! I am making a point to recommend it to everyone I know.

Thanks again for the information you sent me prior to buying it!

God Bless! Jerry L. Bobo II, Capt, USAF


I received this order today, and wanted to relate to someone in management that I am very pleased with the fast service, and the outstanding build quality of the unit. Really first class. I grew up in a 12 man machine shop; this quality is rare and much appreciated. Congratulations also on your patent: I am an patent attorney and engineer.
Best regards ,

John England

Dear Baxley:

I wanted to send you a note about the great product you make. I bought the sport chock from you because I have to park my motorcycle against a wall on the stand side. Needless to say it difficult to be able to get off and deploy either stand. With the sport chock I can role it on and forget about it. I am really surprised how good the chock captures and holds up the bike. I am using for a CBR1100XX which is a heavy bike and the motorcycle is completely stable........

Thank you!!!

I got the last week -- very nice!! When used in conjunction with my (new) Pit Bull race stand, the TL is solid as rock. Now I can do all of work prep myself -- no need for a "spotter". Good job!!...


I received the Sport Chock a few days ago and I have to tell you how impressed I am with it. It's well though out, well made, works as advertised and made in the good 'ol USA. A true rarity these days. I received the follow up information yesterday along with some well timed inspiration. Thanks for both.


Dear Mr. Baxley,
I just received my Sport Chock last week and had to give it a try right away. I'm extremely satisfied. Not only is the chock extremely well made (of course you know that) but it's a breeze to use! It's so nice to find a product that lives up to its advertised abilities. There are so many motorcycle products out there that are simply disappointing or even defective.
I purchased a Bike-Grab from EazyRizer ( last year for routine maintenance on my GSX-R and Sportster. At the time, I didn't want to spend the extra $50 for your product. Plus, I spoke with their salesman first and he had some negative things to say about your product's versatility (i.e., the Bike-Grab will work on both of my bikes). The Bike-Grab is very difficult to use (wants to slide out from under the bike, difficult to aim the wheel between the holding plates) and it's poorly crafted. I'm stuck with it, so I'll make the best use of it for my Sportster, because the Sport Chock won't fit it. But I'm glad to have the Sport Chock for my GSX-R.
Thank you for making such a fine product. I will make sure that all of my riding friends hear about the Sport Chock. I'll also mention it to my dealer, Coleman Powersports (Falls Church, VA). They aren't currently a dealer for you but they should be.
God bless.
Your new friend,
Tim Robertson
I just recieved your Sport Chock, and it's great. I was pleased to see, that I had purchased a product from a Christian Company. I will tell all of my friends about your product !!!
God be with you.
Tom Close
Just got my sport chock today, it’s great. This is like a dream come true. Ride in get off, get on again and ride off. It’s like having extra helper with you. Thanks again.





I want to thank you for the wonderful and very useable product. I ordered my "sport chock" with great expectations and was not let down. I have found it to be the handiest and user friendly garage/trailer chocking system on the market. It is like having a helping hand when you need it. Thanks for the color choices and compact size, it makes my trailer look real fancy. Keep up the good work and great products.

Thanks again,

Got it today, thanks!
Great product, as always. That's two for me now, and everybody that sees them wants one.
The Sport Chock was everything you claimed. I took it to a track day at VIR. I was the only rider in a group of about 15 with a sport chock. For safety reasons, kickstands had to be removed or wired. Every other rider had the rear lift type chock.
After a track session, I would ride into the Sport Chock and hop confidently off. I was off my bike without any hassle or delay. After my dismount, I would help the guy next to me hold his bike while he fished for his rear stand. This unit is really a top-notch piece of equipment. It may cost a little, but only dropping your scooter once would more than pay the difference. It really grabs the front wheel, and rolling out of the chock is easy also. I could go on. Well done Baxley.
Pat Mullaney
Your Godly testimony was also appreciated. Thanks for taking a strong stand for Christ. God bless y'all. Jesus lives !!
Received today. You guys are great as ever. This is the second one I've bought from you and I tell everyone at the track how well it works.
Scallywag Racing
CCS 53



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$195 +S&H






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