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SB001 - Single Bike Trailer


The SB001 is the final word in single bike motorcycle towing. Like its larger brother the GT2000, the SB001 motorcycle trailer is a simple and elegant solution for safely towing just about any motorcycle up to the Full Dresser Harley or the Honda Goldwing. The bed tilts low to the ground so the motorcycle can be ridden onto the trailer and into the patented LA Chock. The motorcycle is then held securely upright so there is no worry about dropping the bike or losing control over the situation. Just pull down the lift frame and latch it in place. To secure the motorcycle, just strap down the rear of the motorcycle; no front tiedowns are necessary!.

SB001 Tilted
The SB001 has a patented suspension system that operates as an independent suspension on each wheel and provides a very smooth ride with excellent tracking characteristics. The floorboard is standard as well as the adjustable coupler and the jack. A rock guard and spare tire are optional and provide you with extra security when towing your valuable motorcycle.

Covers now available!

You won't find an easier to use or safer single motorcycle trailer anywhere. Contact us today to see about purchasing an SB001.



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SB001 Specifications

Model SB 001 Single Bike Motorcycle Trailer
610 lb.
1250 lb.
13' 2"
5' 10"
Tire Size
Black Crinkle Powder Coat

SB001 Dimensions


SB001 Gallery


Swivel jack and floorboard under the bike come standard. The spare tire and front rockguard are options.
SB001 empty The SB001 has our tilting bed that allows you to ride your motorcycle onto the bed with your feet on the ground. Once in the LA Chock you can get off the motorcycle and level the bed, strap and be on your way. This trailer represents the safest, fastest, and most dependable trailering experience anywhere.
Cover SB001

The SB001 Cover is built of sturdy rubberized canvas with drawstrings to neatly and securely fit around your trailer. This great accessory is guaranteed to keep your trailer looking brand new for many years.


SB aluminum fenders We've recently updated to great aluminum fenders that really add to the beauty of the trailer. These optional fenders will really add that extra pop to the look of the greatest trailer on earth.
led lights The taillights are highly visible LED units.
SB001 Coupler An adjustable height coupler is designed to work in conjunction with our secure triple-redundant latch mechanism.
SB001 rear The SB001 has a nice wide aluminum floorboard so you can load "feet-down". Also, the Rock Guard protects your motorcycle from rocks and debris.

SB001 Video

Feedback for SB001

Thank you for the quick response. I'm really enjoying the trailer.   I've put over 20,000 miles on it so far.Thanks again,

"The trailer is easy to maneuver around when not attached to a
vehicle, it’s simple to load and unload, it only requires one person,
there is no back strain to lift the tongue, it’s a dream to tow and
structurally it’s as sound as they come. If folks are looking for a
bike trailer, there is no reason to look further than the Baxley and
there can be no better service than I received from Conroe
Motorcycle Conversions and Doug and Pam."

Honda Heath and Conroe Motorcycle Conversions

First I want to thank you for the courtesy delivery of my trailer in Hayward California last month. Also, I want to say that your guys were very helpful at the delivery.
Now to the trailer itself. It went together like I couldn't belive. I never had to even use a hammer. Everything slip together. It was an awesome assembly. I especially enjoyed the engineering aspects of the design. And as you indicate in your advertisement it loads and unloads like a dream, and pulls like a feather. It truly is a terrific product. I have had a number of inquires at the track, especially when I tilt up the loading frame. You should really try to get a dealer in California so you could reduce the shipping coast. Most of the guys I talked to were put off by the cost of shipping.
Thanks Again
Bob, CA
Sir, I borrowed a friends Baxley trailer (SB001) and trailered our Honda VTX 1800R from Sugar Land Texas to Frisco Colorado and rode the Rockies for a week, beautiful country and your trailer was "flawless..."
I could load and unload my bike by myself with no help, it was so easy........
I loved it so much, when we returned to Sugar Land, we bought a SB001..........
Can you tell me if you sell or know where to get chrome hub caps for the chrome rims and what size lug nuts will I need to get? I would like to put chrome caps and chrome lug nuts on the rims but do not know the size to get.. Thank you, Larry Sherwood
Dear Mr. Baxley, I just wanted to let you know that I am still enjoying my Baxley Trailer that I bought. The canvas cover comes in handy in the Pacific Northwest. I am very happy that your were able to make one for me. I am sending you a picture of my motorcycle hooked up on the trailer. This also brings up a good point. Have you ever thought about building compartments in the front or side of the trailer to store helmets, gear..ect.... This could be bolt on compartments of the same material. I would be the first to buy one or two. Just a thought.
Respectfully Yours, MAJ David G. Chung USA Ret
Dear Jerome and Cindy:
Just to let you know - I am in love. The trailer is everything and more than what I prayed for.
We took your advice on the route home, and decided to stay the night in GA (Bainbridge?) on 84/27 because of the bad weather and the Friday night traffic near Tallahassee. I noticed people going over to the trailer all night! In the morning someone asked me what is was meant to haul because it was so heavy duty.
We got to Daytona area around 4 pm and I was able to actually unhook and move the trailer into the garage with a little of my help and a lot of my Grandson's muscle (though he made it look easy).
I just want to thank you for taking such good care of me and providing me with hope of being able to continue with what I love. I have been riding motorcycles for about 25 years (250,00 miles) but also with the man I loved by my side to take care of things.
Now I have a Baxley.
God Bless.
Anne Ivis
Mr Baxley, and the rest of the gang at Baxley Trailers...Just wanted to let you know that Tina and I made it safe and sound... The trailer pulls like a dream! I loaded it at the hotel (second try)... First try, tried to do it by walking it on and got the chock to start to tip, but did not have enough forward momentum, so it kicked me out and I rolled it off. The second time, I rolled it on under power... Mr Baxley, you were ABSOLUTELY correct, the bike stopped when the chock engaged! I am also happy to say that I did also :-).... When I got home, I unloaded it easily:-) . What I especially loved was that when I raised the arm with the tie downs still attached, as your daughter told me, the bed lowered, the tie downs loosened up... it was like magic!.... It got a lot of stairs and you should be getting a call or an e-mail from a gent I met at the hotel while I was loading out. His first name is Donnie, and he lives in the Roanoke, VAarea... He was so impressed when I demo'd it and told him the price that he copied your info off the plate on the trailer and said... "I have to get me one of these!" I sure hope he follows through...
Below is the Mickey Jones web site that is a MAJOR testimonial to your SB001 trailer.... Check it out... Maybe he will let you hyperlink to his site......Good luck with your business, hope you sell a million of these trailers.

Warmest Regards. pK

Hello Jerome,We hope you had a good time at the Honda Hoot! Maybe we will try it out next year. Here are a couple pictures you may want to add to your photo gallery. Locally, I tow the SB001 with my Civic. On trips, I use the Honda RidgeLine. We are very pleased with the performance of the SB001. It tows effortlessly, tracks true, and is aerodynamic. It actually tows better with a loaded bike! Tongue weight with our Honda VTX1300 is 190 lbs. Tongue weight with our Honda Magna is 230 lbs. It tows smoothly with my Civic 5-Speed standard transmission and my Ridgeline and does not seem to lose much in the way of gas mileage either. We will be towing a bike to Las Vegas later this year, and it will be a breeze on the Interstate Highway. Thanks again for a well engineered product. Herman , Sarasota, Florida
I bought the SB-001 because after looking at as many open trailers as time allows, I found it to be the best quality and design around. I ride a GL1800 and as heavy as it is with accessories, I loaded it by myself quickly and easily. Didn’t have the right tie-downs but the trailers is so versatile it still worked well. Tow great and when towing on I-20 through Mississippi it got a through test. Hal Cook


SB001 Pricing $3900

SB 001 Pricing
Basic Trailer
Chrome Spare Tire
Fully Loaded Total



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