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The LA Chock (and the smaller footprint LA Trailer Chock) is an innovative and secure parking stand that can be adjusted to fit any size motorcycle tire. Use the LA Chock on your garage floor to provide secure, upright storage for your motorcycle. Just place the stand on the floor and push or ride the motorcycle into the stand. The patented stand clamps onto the front tire and securely holds the motorcycle upright. You can now get off the bike and perform cleaning or maintenance tasks.  Mount the LA Chock or the LA Trailer Chock in a trailer and your towing worries are over. Loading is as easy as riding the bike into the stand. Once in, you can get off the bike and secure the bike with straps without someone else having to hold the bike up for you. Another great benefit of using the LA Chock is that no front tie downs are necessary. Just secure the rear of the motorcycle with straps and the chock does the rest.


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LA Chock / LA Trailer Chock

Weight LA/LA Trailer 29 lbs. / 27 lbs.

Black Crinkle Powdercoat

Fully Adjustable Yes
Owners Manual Click Here to Download

LA dimensions



Do I need the standard LA Chock or the LA Trailer Chock?

LA Chock smallThe LA Chock is for use in the garage as a parking stand and also in a trailer where you have ample room to place motorcycles anywhere. If you're limited on the space inside your trailer you might want to consider the LA Trailer Chock. The two are mechanically identical, the LA Trailer Chock just has a smaller footprint. Whichever one you choose, you'll be able to adjust it to fit your tire perfectly for maximum stability and ease of use.

LA Trailer Chock smallThe LA Trailer Chock is primarily for use in a trailer where room is limited. The smaller footprint allows placement of the chock in a tighter area and will allow you to mount the chock closer to the front wall of the trailer or pickup truck. While it can be used in the garage, the smaller footprint makes it somewhat less stable than the standard LA Chock. The LA Trailer Chock is ideal if you're going to leave it in the trailer permanently.

The Bolt Down Kit

Bolt Down Kit

The bolt down kit provides quick and secure mounting in a trailer - especially where there is no easy access to the underneath of the trailer. The kit makes mounting and removing your chock quick and easy.

BUY NOW - $30

CLICK HERE for nstallation Instructions and more information!



LA Chock Gallery

LA 21 Gallery LA with 21" Harley Road King Custom


LA Chock Video

Feedback on LA Chock and LA Trailer Chock

LA 21Thank you for an excellent product. It came out of the box and was set up and ready to go in a matter of minutes.

Here is a photo of my 2006 Road King Custom with a 21" front wheel perfectly placed in my LA Chock. Now the bike stands straight and takes less room in the garage. My wife is happy!
Thank you, sir. I am having a new enclosed motorcycle trailer built, and there was no question in my mind about what kind of chock I wanted to use: Baxley’s. It’s simple, but it works very well. And, I don’t need to worry about dropping the bike while I try to strap it down (or unstrap it at the other end). Lou C. (age 61)
bought your wheel chock & am very impressed with the quality & ease of use. I headind out on a 3,000 mile vacation towing my bike & for the first time I feel really confident that it will stay in place the whole trip. Thanks for a great product Jim Rusinko
Jerome, One of the folks on the Goldwing forum was selling one of your Sport chocks. He triked his Wing and no longer needed it. Based on what you said below, I bought it from him. I liked it so much, I just ordered one of your LA chocks and mounting brackets for both. This is just a quick thank you again for the info and thanks for the great products!
Mr.Baxley: I have used your chalk for many years. I consider it THE BEST bike chalk bar none. I just had to have my ST1300 towed from my home , 40 mi. away to Hilton Head Honda. When the employee arrived w/a flat std. trailer-no chalk....I asked how he was going to tow my 700+ lb. bike? He said he had 9 yrs. experience in towing bikes. I then saw him get out like....ten tie downs. Oh no.....I said! Here is my Baxley Chalk use IT! It saved my bike on a 920 mi. trip from Missouri to Georgia. The mechanic was so IMPRESSED once he rode the bike into the chalk...he said he was going to demand his boss buy one! Kaaaching! Do I get sales-commission? :o) Get product guys! I'm sold!!! God Bless, Douglas Grindstaff
Thanks so much for your help again. I tried the adapter when I got home and it worked beautifully! I cannot stress how pleased and impressed I am that the same unit adapts from a 250cc scooter that weighs 350# to a 1400cc full-dress touring bike that weighs 980# - and does it very quickly w/ minimal tools! I was 100% sold on your product before I had the need to use it for a scooter. Talk about the icing on the cake!! I will surely continue to promote your product to anyone I know that is looking for a chock.
I've attached a few pics of my wife's 2004 Honda Reflex 250cc scooter in my LA chock, equipped with the scooter adapter.
Thanks again and have a wonderful day!
Mark Musial
Mr. Baxley: A friend advised me to buy your Chalk when I told him I was transporting my bike 900+ miles in the back of a U-Haul! He was so right! To make the long story short, U-Haul's truck broke down, they did a "transfer move" and never SECURED my ST1300 down properly. It turns out that after the last 500 miles of the move, the L.A. Chalk saved my bike. Even though everything else in the truck tipped over, my bike was upright! (Even though I THOUGHT) it was harnessed down. Great product and I use it in the garage all the time. My son keeps trying to "borrow" it! Thanx for a great tool! Douglas Grindstaff
On my brother-in-law's recommendation, I purchased the LA Chock. Boy am I glad I did. I love it! Whether I'm working on my bike in the shop or loading it on the trailer, I can use the chock without any assistance. I have recommended it to all my biker friends. T.R., Fayetteville NC
Hi Cindy, Ordered my LA Chock and received it in Idaho – thanks so much !! Very impressed with your product ….. my buddy who came along for the ride want one now too – lol Thanks again, Colin Newton, Calgary
Hey I bought two of your chocks from the Harley Davidson dealer in Montgomery Alabama mounted them on my trailer and took my Son and my bike to FT Morgan and those chocks worked great I65 South is very ruff road but those bike's moved very little thanks for such a great product. Jeff
I've had my LA Trailer Chock for two years and used it with an Excelsior Henderson, a Gold Wing, a Harley Road King, two scooters, a Honda 250, and a V-Star 650. The LA Chock supported each one of them perfectly with easy adjustments between bikes. I've used it in my enclosed trailer, in my truck bed, and in my garage for maintenence work. I've seen no chock anywhere for any price that could replace it. John Eustis, FL
Melinda, I just wanted to drop you a line about how well my LA chock is working. It was delivered last friday. I read the instructions, lined it up and rolled my Yamaha Stratoliner on to the chock, perfectly stable. Now I can do basic maintenance, oil changes without struggling to keep the bike upright. Marvelous piece of engineering. Thanks for the great service and wonderful product.
Steve Lloyd Bay City, MI
Cindy, It is a very rare thing to order a product that actually turns out to be better than expected! Your chocks have proven to be a exceptionally well made product that works as advertized. Between my riding buddy and myself we have 5 chocks, (3 sport, 1 LA trailer and 1 LA.) and they all exceed our expectations. Keep up the good work! Dale Van De Ven, Major, USAF (ret.)
Hello Cindy, I just wanted to drop you a note of thanks for your helpfulness and promptness of shipping my 3 LA chocks and trailer kits. They all went in great and the workmanship is superb! I could not of been happie with your products! For once in a great while the money really is worth spending on such a fine product and of course your service!! Thanks again and God Bless! Chris Morris Happy Easter!
Melinda, Thank you for your help! By the way, this is my third LA Chock and I could not be happier with the product. I have convinced several of my friends to purchase them as well. Troy
I received the LA Trailer Chock today 4-3-07, well packed and in perfect shape.I worked for a major international aftermarket motor sports company and wheel chocks are a dime-a-dozen in our catalog(s). In spite of this fact I still opted for a Baxley LA Trailer Chock after seeing it displayed by your LV dealer at the Laughlin, NV River Run about four or five years ago. It has served me well. I recently purchased a second bike, a Bobber from Back Road Choppers in Delhi, CA, my trailer will hold two bikes, so the logical thing to do was to buy another chock. After searching the net and eBay, nothing came close to the Baxley unit, so-o-o-o, naturally I again opted for another LA Trailer Chock. SURPRISE! ……. The vertical adjustment tab has now been repositioned at a better angle, and the double gussets on the new unit are positioned apart in such a way as to keep the adjustment tab from twisting while under pressure. (I don’t miss a thing) I didn’t complain about the break, I just fixed the problem (a problem obviously experienced by Baxley in the past) and bought another unit to boot. The LA Trailer Chock is without a doubt, the best unit on the market, bar none! I can’t wait to install it tomorrow. Thanks Melanie and Cindy, you guys were great to deal with. Russ Petrone, Bakersfield, CA
I purchased the LA chock as a surprise for my husband at the Great American Motorcycle Show. He loves it. Thanks so much for all your help and especially for shipping so quickly. Regards, Debbie Golightly
Mr. Mayfield, I just wanted to let you know that I received my LA chock right on time as promised. I am impressed by the quality and the time it took to reach me. Thank you for your help, Regards, Bill Sutherland
Thank you Cindy. I received the package on 11-1. Also i wanted to let you guys know that i looked at several different stands and did like yours the best, however if I had like another over yours i would have bought from you guys due to the fact that you're a Christian company. I appreciate that and the literature that you include in your packaging. Keep up the good work. Thank you again,James Edwards
thank you so very much for your prompt attention and courtesy! the trailer chock arrived in plenty of time to be installed and operational for my trip. it turned out to be a life-saver. it also made the usual time consuming task of trailering a bike alone, a relative breeze!!!
what a great product! it was truly a beneficial acquisition for me and my friends to use and share! to date, i have shown and even demonstrated the chock to several of my freinds and riding buddies! you might just be getting some more orders soon!!!
thanks again for your attention to me and my time sensitive case!!! you really pulled through for me in a crunch!!!!!!! thanks- deane fizzell
Cindy, I wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the LA Trailer Chock. I ordered one from you on Wednesday and received it Friday morning. I must say that the pictures of the LA Chocks does not in anyway do them justice. When you open that box and see it for first time the first thought that jumps out at you is QUALITY. It's well made with a great finish and the engineering is superb. Even though I had seen it several times at motorcycle shows it still amazed me when I received mine. The installation took no time at all and the best thing about it was you just ride your bike on and get off, even though a little scary the first time I did it, but it works. Thanks, again Rex Adams Garland, Texas
Dear Mr. Baxley,
I thought I'd drop you a line and add my two cents' worth to the long list of compliments to your LA Chock. I bought mine from your dealer in Cockeysville, MD, and was immediately impressed by the solid workmanship (As a machinist, I know quality work at first sight). I mounted it in the bed of my Dakota and used it to haul my Honda PC800 up to Maine for my vacation. The chock is a joy to use; it locks up like a bank vault and held the bike rock-solid all the way. Great design, great execution.
I'm sending some pictures of my setup. The only hard part of the exercise was getting the bike into and out of the truck bed. Think maybe y'all might consider designing and selling some folding ramps about 3 feet longer and two feet wider than anything out on the market? Trying to get a big bike up a ramp so narrow that you can't put your feet down is a hairy proposition at best!
At any rate, congratulations on a first rate product. It's worth every penny.
Karl Mech
Glen Burnie, MD
Received my L A Chock the other day! Just want to say Thank you for a great product. That's one heavy duty piece of equipment. Incredible form and function. Thank you for the quick service and the best Chock on the market.
Wesley Abreu
Virginia Beach, Virginia
Greetings from Boerne, Texas!
I recently purchased 2 of your LA Chocks after shopping around and couldn’t be more pleased with the quality and performance. We have a 19’ Wanderer ToyBox and haul my wife’s Harley Sportster and my Dyna Low Rider in it. The trailer has an open floor plan (no separate garage room) and I connected a u-bolt to the chock and hooked a chain link to the existing D-rings in the floor. We took a bouncy 800 mile trip to Big Bend recently and the LA chocks did a great job! Here are some pictures in case future customers inquire about Toy Hauler/Toy Box trailers and using your chocks:
Thanks, Bill and Elsa Scarsdale
We love our LA Chock!! We have an enclosed Toy Hauler trailer. We took our new Road King Harley Davidson on vacation through 7 states and over 3000 miles. We did not have to bolt the LA Chock down but used heavy duty rachet tie downs with it. It never budged at all! We moved the LA Chock outside every evening to park the bike outside and it worked perfectly. We were so impressed with it! It was well worth the cost. Thank you for making such a great product!

David & Marie Carrillo
San Diego, CA

I purchased the LA Chock at Thunderbeach - Spring 2004 from Dennis. I used it that weekend to trailer my Roadking back home. I simply placed the chock in my open utility trailer that has a mesh floor and moved it as far forward as it would go. I did not buy nor need the mounting kit. I rode the bike into it, got off and strapped down the front AND the back. It trailered rock solid. A great investment that I would recommend to anyone needing a chock.
Steve Massey
I purchased two LA chocks and two Bolt Down Kits and was very pleased with the quality of you r products. The only fault that I find is the powder coating not being cleaned out of the holes for the pins and the threads on the bolt down kits, it was a real bear trying to get the hex bolts through the center holes.
John Peeler
Received 1st LA Chock this week within 2 days of order. EVERYTHING I read about the product in MCN & Rider is absolutely true. The workmanship, quality &customer service are all first rate. It worked so well for garage parking for my Sportster that I just ordered another for my Dyna. Thank you & keep up the good work.

John A. Becker
Michigan City, IN

Sirs: I don't mind sharing the name of the first chock that I unsuccessfully tried on my VTX1800. It was the BIKE-GRAB made, I think, in England and sold here by Driven Gear, Inc. of Charlotte, N. C. Their web address is I was treated most courteously by the people at Driven Gear and feel that they probably have a good product at a very good price that is, unfortunately, meant for a lighter, smaller bike than the VTX. Their misfortune in this case worked to my benefit, since the L A Chock is superior in every feature (except price, of course).
Thanks again for your great product. Please excuse my delay in answering your e-mail. I've been experiencing a lot of computer problems and have just checked the mail today.
Charles Taylor

Feel free to use my email as a testimonial for the LA Chock. I just parked my wifes Yamaha Road Star in it when we came in from our Friday nite supper ride. For any bike and especially one without a center stand the LA Chock is a must. I found out about it in my BMW Owners News. Kit J. Vercella did an article in his Consumer Interest column and had alot of good to say about it so I looked at it online and decided I needed one. I bought the matching colorY amaha Venture to my wifes Road Star so it will get the second LA Chock. Thanks again for a great product. I wish more companies would do business the way you do.
Larry M Mercer

I already have one LA chock and I am so happy with it I want another one. This has to be one of the best investments I have made in a long time. It is a quality piece of equipment and it works great. I don't know how I did without it for so long. Thanks for making such a great product.
Sincerely, Larry M Mercer
Dear Baxley,
I just received my LA Chock and would like to congratulate you on your excellent product. I had not seen one in person, just in Roadracing World. Motorcyclist, and on your website before purchasing mine. It is much more sophisticated than I thought, and my opinion about your pricing went from "expensive" to "great deal" when I tried it for the first time... Thanks again for the great product and fast shipping,
Dennis Chung
I live on in a "float home". My house floats in the ocean and is moored to the dock, which is also floating so to be able to park my bike beside my home safely required a stable platform. As I mentioned previously the LA Chock works perfectly for me.
Thanks again.

Ernest Burden


We had our first motorcycle track day of the year today. The weather was beautiful & the turnout was good, around 60 bikes in the pit area. I took the L.A. Chock, which I purchased a couple of months ago, to the track. It worked GREAT! There was a lot of interest from fellow motorcyclists. Everyone who saw it commented about what a great idea it was and how sturdy it was built. You will probably get at least a couple of orders from this area (Albuquerque) soon. As a mechanical designer myself, I just wanted to compliment the engineering and build quality of the chock. Truly, a top notch product.

Ray Thornton


I received this order today, and wanted to relate to someone in management that I am very pleased with the fast service, and the outstanding build quality of the unit. Really first class. I grew up in a 12 man machine shop; this quality is rare and much appreciated. Congratulations also on your patent: I am an patent attorney and engineer.
Best regards ,

John England

Thank you,
For a great product, I just bought a second one.
Fred Rowland
just wanted to drop a note praising your LA Chock. I bought an enclosed trailer for my BMW K1200LT and installed the LA Chock in it. The first time I drove the bike into the chock I was truly amazed at the stability of the bike. It stood upright and more securely then with the center stand. I could get off the bike without using either the center or side stands. I then attached 2 tie downs to the rear sub frame and I was good to go!

Congratulations on a superb product. I recommended it to all the members of the K1200LT.NET group.
Just Ride It!

Scott R. Firestone, D.D.S., F.A.G.D.

Hello from Wisconsin!

I got my LaChock today and I want to let you it blows me away. This is one quality piece of workmanship! Thank you so very much for such a great product. It is most appreciated!



Thank you very much for taking care of this. I will be traveling with the trailer on Wednesday. I used the first chock for a template and have the mounting hardware for the other one installed.
Two things:
1. The LA Trailer Chock is obviously a well thought out and well constructed piece of equipment. The first thing I did was put it on the ground, roll my FXRT on it, let go, and then got a big smile on my face. It is one of a few things I have purchased which completely satisfied my requirements. I am impressed and happy I saw the ad in AMA Motorcyclist.
2. As a Christian, (Catholic) I was also impressed that you, as a business, put the Christian literature in your package. That is a risky thing to do nowadays, but Jesus says "Feed my Sheep" in many ways and I am one customer who would support your actions in any way I can.
Keep up the good work and spread the word!
I will let you know when the 2nd chock arrives.
Peace be with you,
John Marsh

I just received my LA Chock. It took about 10 minutes to set up. My VTX is parked in it as I write this. Your service is exceptional. I ordered it Monday and received it Tuesday. Even more impressive is the quality. This item is well designed. The quality of the materials and workmanship are exceptional. I would also like to thank you for the information on the CMA. I am a Christian and a CMA member. It is refreshing to do business with a company that works to expand the Kingdom of God. Thank You,
Graham Crosby
Dear Dennis,
Well, the new trailer chock works just fine. A friend and I VERY CAREFULLY pulled the Rune into the chock, and there was about a finger-width clearance on both sides of the fender. As you assured me, the plate on the bottom never came close to the fender. One of the reasons I was pressing to get the chock situation solved is that I have to trailer the Rune to another city in a couple of days for service. On the old chock, I'm going to have a machine shop take off the flanges on the capture plates, which should then fit under the fender of the Rune just fine. I'll then be able to use it in my garage for service, with the new trailer chock permanently installed in my covered trailer.
I am really pleased, and I thank you, Chip, and David for all your help. As I've stated many times, Baxley Trailer Company has provided me with beautifully finished products, at a fair price, and more importantly superior after-sale service. You can be assured I'll do my best to spread the word about this excellent product, and superb company. Keep up the wonderful work.
Kind regards to you, and to all the others who have been such a help to me,
Conrad Kay
I have owned your LA Chock for about 6 mos now and I just wanted to drop you all a quick note to say how happy I am with it. I use it for my Vulcan Nomad and have found it to be a very high quality stand and it works like a charm. It has no problems holding my Nomad (700+lbs) upright and secure. Whenever any of my biker friends come over they are all impressed with it. Hopefully they have ordered one also!!
Anyway, you have a very satisfied customer here in Plano, Texas!
Thanks again!
Duane Dubay
I recently purchased you LA Chock! The quality and design are first class! I researched many wheel chocks prior to my purchase and yours is far superior to anything I saw. The chock is very substantial and made to the highest standards. I have a Big Dog motorcycle that weighs 600 + pounds and the chock holds it very securely. I really like just driving in and getting off the bike. It takes me about 1 or 2 minutes to load my bike in the trailer and I’m ready to go-amazing!! Thanks again for a great product.

P.S. When I was searching the internet for wheel chocks, your site did not come up. I found out about you from a friend who has one. As a suggestion, you may want to have a webmaster tweak your site with keywords, metatags, etc. so that you site comes up in a typical search. It’s a shame to have a great product and people who would buy it not know about it.

Terry Thrower, Broker

Just received the LA Chock. I have used a friend's and know how well it works.
I'm writing this because I was please to see the Bible references on your website and then the tracts in the invoice. But I was really interested in the CMA logo. I have been a member of the Joint Heirs #112 CMA chapter in Kirkland/Redmond Wa since 1987. I have been the chapter president and am currently the sec/treasurer. I've never been to Hatfield, but would like to someday. Maybe with the chock and our trailer that can happen soon.
Thanks again
Greg Coffin
Good evening. I've just received my LA Chock and I'd like to say that it exceeded my expectations. GREAT QUALITY! It's truly an outstanding peice of gear an worth every penny. There is one problem however. I've looked through the packaging thoroughly and it turns out that I did not receive the four countersunk bolts required for the mounting plates. Could you please send them out to me. Thank you in advance for your help.



Price/Buy Now

LA Chock $275 + $30 S&H
LA Trailer Chock $275 + $30 S&H





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